Visit the astounding hidden gems of India before you die

India can offer you various magnificent views in all directions. You just need to pack your bags and then you can travel to one of the best destinations in India. Instead of going to some of the famous places, you should decide to go to hidden places where you can find a lesser crowd and cheap hotel options. Whenever you are going on a trip, you also have to think about your budget and that’s why you should select a destination by checking all aspects. Here are some places where you can visit if you are looking forward to seeing the gorgeous beauty of India:


This place is in Arunachal Pradesh and offers beautiful hill towns. It has also a monastery where Dalai Lama was born. Here you can visit at any time of the year and you will see the white snow during the winters.

Tirthan Valley

It provides great fishing and adventurous options to the tourists. IF you are an admirer of the beauty of nature and also loves to do adventure, then Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh can be a nice place to visit. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful valley and landscape views.

Gulf of Mannar

It’s a beautiful place in Tamil Nadu where you can hang out with your friends and family. It can offer you blue skies and green nature. The beaches of Mannar don’t have a lot of crowds as you will see in places like Goa. If you want to see the actual marine life, then this place can be a great option for you to visit.


In Himachal Pradesh, you can find various beautiful places to visit but Kasol is something where you should definitely go. You can also prefer solo travel to the hill station like Kasol and you can experience the amazing greenery of this place. If you are a kind of explorer, then this place can offer a lot of fantastic moments to you.


This is an architectural place in Karnataka where you can visit the beautiful temples and shrines. If you love to do photography, then you can’t find such awesome architecture anywhere easily. You can visit various temples like Kedareswara, Belur and many more.


This is a place in hilly regions of Tripura and its dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s a kind of worship place but is a major attraction for the tourists. Here, you can go back to the previous centuries as you can be able to see old rock carvings and historical murals.

You don’t need to be a rich person to travel but you need to have the courage in your mind to pack your bags and start traveling. True beauty lies near you and that’s why you can visit it without spending much amount of money. So, these are some of the hidden gems of India but there are many more places which are untouched by the modern humanization and you can definitely see the original mankind beauty at those places.

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